Unleash the collective wisdom of your entire supply chain.

Unleash the power of knowing exactly how to reduce costs and refocus your supply chain where it matters most.

A distribution management analytics platform that helps extract, transform and load data from any supply chain ERP system or billing POS for business analysis and reporting. The i9 platform forms the core of our service and makes our insights accurate and reliable

custom insights
Using i9 Insights, we work closely with you to understand the challenges your organization is working through. We use our i9 platform to identify the data points that need to be analysed to find an accurate solution. This analysis is customized for each customer based on the problem they are looking to solve.
deep expertise
Our team has combined experience of over 50 years in supply chain and project management. Our domain expertise specifically includes distribution management, inventory control, production planning, and channel partner management.

we help your production respond, just as quickly as your market does.

supply chain efficiency

Manage supply chain planning efficiently by having complete visibility of your secondary and tertiary channel and products

reduce overall costs

Reduce the cost of working capital at the manufacturing and distributor level with stock and sales visibility in real-time by managing data centricity and information around the primary and the secondary markets

analyse stock positions

Quickly analyse stock ageing/freshness and stock movement positions and gain visibility of top customers and top products

Improve ROI

Improve your ROI and that of the distributors by reducing stock outs in your distribution network, by providing visibility to the principal company on current stock and sales positions leading to reduction in stock dumping and better business planning

increase market share

Increase market share by cross shipping of products and SKUs that drive revenue, thereby eliminating wasteful SKUs and costs

make better decisions

Make proactive decisions that are based on distribution efficiency metrics and analytics


The power of i9 Insights

i9 insights enables companies make use of real-time supply chain data across stockists, distributors and retailers to reduce financial waste by refining production focus and distribution, by listening to exactly how the market is really responding to your company's portfolio. This helps the entire supply chain eco-system succeed commercially faster.

"What makes i9 insights so critical for manufacturers is that for the first time, they can respond as quickly as the market."

Shourabh Srivastava - CEO, 3P Technologies
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The Building Blocks of the i9 Platform

Incremental Implementation

Similar to Toyota’s Kaizen (continuous improvement), Incremental Implementation is the fundamental belief in the i9 product design. Our solution allows businesses to incrementally adopt additional functionality to not only continually improve business operations but also deliver quick benefits to the organisation.


i9 is essentially built around Speed and every aspect of the product user experience, from data entry to reporting is designed to be quick. Speed at which a system assists distributor/dealer to complete the transaction is key for any distributor's operations where critical reports can be generated with a 'single click' on real-time data, without disturbing your day-to-day business process.


Controls, fixed rules, structures and processes are required to standardize business operations. For growing businesses in a fast changing business environment exceptions are inevitable. Flexibility and ease of operations to manage exceptional situations is the basic design principle of i9 and this has been the driving factor for various businesses to adopt i9. 


Concurrency is part of life! During most decision making processes businesses want to see data from multiple dimensions / sources. We believe, for a business software to be truly usable, it must allow concurrency in everything that it does - you must be able to view all reports across periods, companies (data sets), stock valuation methods, currencies and languages.

Available Anywhere

i9's robust technology allows you to access data from anywhere on a laptop (remote access), mobile phone (SMS / 3rd party add-on), tablet (3rd party add-on). Similarly in a distributed business environment, even if internet connectivity is down your business operations at individual locations can continue to work and data will get synchronized as soon as the connectivity is restored – without stopping your business. 

Low Training & Expertise

Any complex business software will discourage users from using it and if technical expertise is required to operate and maintain it, any software failure will slow down the business and gradually prevent usage. i9 is designed intuitively to ensure quick learning and usage.