Turn information into insights.

Using our i9 platform, we help harness data from across the supply chain to remove wasteful cost and make production lean and more responsive to changing market dynamics. 


we help your production respond, just as quickly as your market does.

harnesses data easily from any system

provides immediate next-step insights

Work with clients like vested Partners

how do i make my supply chain more efficient?

Link your business process model with metrics, best practice and technology.

What are the 5 ways i can reduce overall costs

Keep your enterprise lean and agile while helping the bottom line in more ways than a few.

which products are doing well?

What psychological triggers win sales? How do you determine what your customers want?

how can i improve margins?

Heed the 80-20 rule, evaluate pricing strategy, cut costs, and identify margin improvement opportunities

how can i help my distributors and retailers succeed?

Effectively manage the buffer size at distributor locations, gain insights into Cheetah items at the retail level, and so on…

How do I maintain freshness of my stock?

Shorten the replenishment time as much as possible at the correct consumption points